Games we played recently & liked a lot – Part 7: ‘Donut County’

‘Donut County’ (created by Ben Esposito, published by Annapurna Interactive) came out last year (August 2018), but I only played it yesterday, so I guess I’m late to the party… Buuut, if you are late to the party as well, this review is for you!

Mira and BK texting
Mira and BK texting

The game starts with Mira exchanging text messages with the racoon called BK. They are friends and colleagues, working together at the Donut Shop. BK is really fond of the mobile app, which is supposed to deliver donuts, but actually creates holes, that swallow up everything that comes into their way.

Donut County_20191001225316
this is the hole and some bunnies

As I said, the hole swallows up everything – even the residents of Donut County and their homes and belongings – and BK cannot stop doing it.

Donut County_20191001221653
the residents are underground now

Everybody who was swallowed is now ‘trapped’ in a cave underground, unable to reach the surface. After telling all their stories and Mira breaking BK’s beloved Quadcopter, BK will be convinced to stop all this mess and confront his boss about it – the racoon Trash King…

This is kind of the plot and I found it exciting to find out, who is behind all this and uncover the little secrets of Donut County. The game is a mix of a visual novel and a puzzle game (the puzzles are quite simple actually, but because of that, the pace of the game is really good).

I particularly enjoyed making the hole swallow stuff up (its size increases the more it swallows) and afterwards reading the trashopedia! ❤ The descriptions are so funny and creative, I looked up every single item.

Donut County_20191001222527
leveling up after swallowing up trash (great music btw!)
Donut County_20191001225952
loved this
Donut County_20191001225053

So, if you’re looking for a funny little game that brings some joy into your day, be sure to pick up ‘Donut County’ and press the goose-honk-button while texting your buddy. 😀

Donut County_20191001223956

(I always loved seeing this after reading the trashopedia!)







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