Games we played recently & liked a lot – Part 6: ‘Alone With You’

This amazing sci-fi indie adventure game called “Alone With You” (by Benjamin Rivers (Inc.), 2017) turned out to be a real gem in my library. ^_^

You are playing a scientist on a space ship that everybody else has died on 16 years ago due to a rift event. It’s only you and the AI now, who is helping you in putting together a functioning ship that will bring you back to earth.

the AI and you

Day after day you get missions, mostly meaning you exploring the multiple areas your former colleagues worked in and looking for stuff the AI wants you to find. (i.e. Colony B, the Caves, the Agro-Dome etc.)

your room in Colony A
you exploring the Agro-Dome

Exploring, you control the protagonist by pressing the arrow keys (or using a controller) – otherwise it’s a classic point & click with some not-too-difficult puzzles and a pretty decent pixel art style (which I really liked).

The beautiful thing about this game is how the story unfolds by you (the protagonist) finding notes, datapads, audiologs and – most importantly – talking to four (hologram) simulations of deceased scientists. I was really excited to find out more about what happened before and after the rift event and I was super eager to gather every little detail. I also grew very fond of the characters and the AI, who talk to you on a regular basis, making them feel like companions along the way. ❤

me talking to the holo-sim Jean Lumumba

So yesterday, when I finished the game, I was quite a bit emotional about it and decided to write this little review, because I think this is an awesome game for people who enjoy well-written stories, character development and exploration games. There are some minor monotonous elements (as in: play a mission, see the AI, go to sleep, go to the holo-sim chamber, go to sleep, see the AI, repeat), but they didn’t bother me really as most things are done quite fast.

Be sure to pick up “Alone With You” when you get the chance – I’m sure you’ll love it, too!


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