basements and bugbears screenshot


Some time ago I played a sweet short game on called ‘Basements & Bugbears‘ which I’d like to share with you as it’s super cool and funny and nerdy and cute!

basements and bugbears screenshot
just 5 friends playing D&D

These 5 animal friends are meeting again after quite some time (they got jobs now or moved or just don’t have so much time anymore in their adult lives). So they are having a D&D session and the goal is to slay that one boss they never slayed. They are talking a lot about the game and it’s pretty fun to listen to them.

But ‘Basements & Bugbears’ is so much more: You can go outside and talk to your friends and ask them about their lives and tell them about yours. You can romance a person, you can talk about gender, about being an adult, about the past. As short as the game is – there’s actually character development which I found surprising and cool!

a fox and a bird talking to each other
you are the fox btw ❤
3 friends on the rooftop looking at the moon

And then you go inside and progress the D&D game. Hell yeah! I won’t say what happens with the boss, ’cause you should find out for yourself. 😀 I’m just saying: ‘Basements & Bugbears’ is an exciting little game I absolutely recommend playing, if you enjoy visual novels, pixel graphics and probably D&D! (I have never played D&D (not by choice, I just don’t know a group of people I could play with. But I know a bit about it and had super fun seeing a session of it in this video game. ^_^) So you can enjoy it, even if you’ve never played it.)


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