Games we played recently & liked a lot – Part 5: ‘The Banner Saga Trilogy’

I’ve been playing ‘The Banner Saga Trilogy’ (Stoic Studio, 2014 | 2016 | 2018) one month ago and since I finished it I was thinking about turning it into this post, but honestly, I don’t really know what to say about this game except that it’s AMAZING. ^_^

I’ll try to say a bit more at least, but without spoilers. (in case you haven’t played it yet, but consider to play it)

To avoid said-spoilers I won’t say anything about The Banner Saga 3 because if I’d post screenshots from this part, you would know who’s in it. As characters may or may not die during your playthrough (often based on your decisions) it also varies, of course. but some deaths are scripted and it’s best you’ll find out for yourself. 🙂

I will introduce some of the main characters to you now. What intrigued me about the characters in the first place was their design. (and also the whole art and graphics) It’s quite unique and it looks so atmospheric… I really love it!

Alette and her father Rook
Rook and Oddleif
Juno and Eyvind
Rook, Gunnulf and Bolverk
Eyvind, Juno and Iver

So these are characters you’ll grow very fond of. (I did, at least!) They have many conversations with each other and I found them all quite interesting and entertaining. Sometimes sad, too.

As I’ve mentioned before, you will make decisions throughout your run – and you’ll decide a lot and it really influences your game. Often you will be surprised by the outcome of your decisions because a character died or you are loosing supplies or clansmen.

Since it is a turn-based isometric strategy game, you’ll engage in combat every now and then and you’ll have to fight of the so-called ‘dredge’ who keep coming and coming. It looks like this:

combat scene in The Banner Saga 1
combat scene in The Banner Saga 2

You will play everyone who is standing on the blue tiles, so you’ll master ranged attacks as well as close combat. With every combat you gain ‘Renown’ which is used for leveling. There’s not much new to the combat than in other turn-based RPGs, but it has some nice ideas and features. The combat gains more features throughout the trilogy.

Between traveling through the northern-mythology-inspired landscapes and fighting the dredge, you have the option to rest (to heal your characters’ injuries), to train, to level up and to shop at the market. In The Banner Saga 2, it looks like this:

taking a rest in Banner Saga 2

I really liked these safe spots… ^_^ And as you can see, The Banner Saga 2 looks very colorful and mystic and it’s my favourite part of the trilogy. (not just because of the colors, but because of the exciting story, the character development and the a-bit-easier combats) It will get darker with every part you play…

So, if you haven’t played this awesome game yet and you like the genre and the graphics – be sure to pick it up at some point. I still think of this game every now and then because I liked it so much. ❤


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