McQueen and Dooley with 3 ghosts on a train

Games we played recently & liked a lot – Part 4: ‘The Darkside Detective’

I’ve been really into Point & Clicks lately and as The Darkside Detective (2017, Spooky Doorway) had been on my to-play-list for quite some time now, I decided to finally look into it. I didn’t know what I had expected, but I was (positively) surprised, that you’re solving 6 cases instead of 1 big case. This means: You totally get character development and recurring characters – which I LOVE! It’s like watching a series. You get hooked.

The Lovecraft-inspired cases are well-structured and you don’t really need a walkthrough to solve the puzzles. I really liked the limited inventory (mostly you don’t have more than 5 items in you inventory which I found kind of neat). Most cases can be solved in 20-60 minutes. (depending on your play-style)

I said Lovecraft, but it’s NOT a horror game (yes!). It’s more on the funny side with grammar jokes (like, a lot of them) and a little suspense. The minimalist pixel graphics add to the suspense feeling and are quite atmospheric. I really digged the style!

Btw: You’re playing as Detective Francis McQueen and his assistant Officer Dooley who are the Twin Lakes’ Darkside Division (which exists to solve mysterious cases that involve ghosts and stuff).

elevator in a library with Detective McQueen and Officer Dooley
solving a case in a library – totally my thing :3
reading room with raxa, mcqueen and dooley
Raxa is hanging out in the reading room ❤
text reads: 'Dick Brickman here, reporting live from City Hall, where I, Dick Brickman, am slowly being approached by a hungry-looking politician.'
Dick Brickman is one of the funniest characters in this game xD
McQueen and Dooley with 3 ghosts on a train
no darkside without ghosts…
McQueen and Dooley (and the police car) in front of a gate, behind the gate are multiple zombies
… and zombies!

The Darkside Detective has been released for PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch. I hope there’s more to come from Spooky Doorway ’cause I really enjoyed this detective team and would love to solve more Darkside cases! ^_^


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