Games we played recently & liked a lot – Part 3: ‘Lumino City’

Last week I played a cute little puzzle adventure called Lumino City (2014, State of Play Games). From the beginning, I really liked the hand-made visual art – which was also the reason why I wanted to play this game.

The player takes control of Lumi, whose grandfather disappeared and she’s inclined to find him. As it’s a puzzle adventure, you achieve this goal via solving puzzles. The difficulty varies between easy and moderate (in my opinion), though I had to consult a walkthrough from time to time to get a hint (or even a solution 😀 ). Still, it had quite a good flow and I found the environments very interesting and unique.

Lumino City - Tutorial
one of the first puzzles
Lumino City
cute (first) town
Lumi is talking to people sometimes
Books in Lumino City
from time to time, Lumi finds books ❤
puzzle-solving (developing analogue photos)
another town in lumino city
Lumi is helping people out

As you can see, there are a great many details in this game. For example, at the beginning, you’re picking up a book with 900 pages (I think) and i flipped through the whole book and there was (scientific) content on every page! Also, Lumi finds some more books within the game. They mostly consist of 10 pages or so, but I really liked those details. Like, you don’t need them, but they add to the story and the world Lumi lives in.

So if you’re looking for a cute, relaxing point & click game and you love puzzles as well as details, you should check this one out. It’s a sequel to the game Lume which I haven’t played yet (as I learned there is a prequel just now by doing some research on this post). But I’ll look into it for sure – it looks as cute as its follow-up!


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