Games we played recently & liked a lot – Part 2: ‘Hiveswap: Act 1’

Hiveswap: Act 1 (2017, What Pumpkin Games) is a real jewel among point & click adventures that I stumbled upon reading Toby Fox‘s tweets and him announcing to have taken part in creating the soundtrack. So I was super curious when it came out, but I waited to get it on sale on Steam. (though it’s affordable right now, being at 7,99 €)

[minor spoilers about characters ahead]

You’re playing as Joey, a teenager who is living in a big house with her brother Jude. Her mother is dead and her father is absent all the time, so they practically live there on their own. Sometimes, a babysitter (who is absent during the game) is taking care of the food and such.

It’s set in the 1990’s and has a stylish Sci-Fi theme which includes bright colors and a cute hand-drawn, cartoony style.

Joey’s room
dangerous aliens and Jude’s treehouse

So, you’re playing as Joey and it all seems a bit like a standard point & click at first. You have to solve puzzles and need to backtrack quite a lot. Although the item descriptions are funny and the puzzles are solid, I had a hard time becoming invested in the story. But then you take control of Jude and help each other out, which I really liked. Sometimes, Jude and Joey chat via walkie-talkie.

The point (at least for me) where it got really interesting was the introduction of the third main character (which you’re about to control, too). He was introduced like this:

talking to Xefros ❤

Joey is chatting with Xefros from time to time and I really loved that. Xefros is very shy, but also very funny and I laughed a lot during their dialogues. The ‘X’ in Xefros’ messages has a very cute explanation, which I won’t spoil here. ^_^

At some point, Joey gets transported to Xefros’ planet where a revolution is about to start and playing Xefros (who is gay or bisexual btw ❤ ) was the best experience in the game. Also, he has horns. I love him!

Xefros’ room

Hiveswap is a part of the Homestuck (webcomic) universe, which I haven’t checked out yet. But I know it’s quite popular. So if this post’s screenshots look familiar to you, it might be because of that fact.

If you haven’t played Hiveswap: Act 1 yet, I would strongly recommend to check it out (the soundtrack is VERY cool, too)! As it’s part 1, I’m hoping there will be a part 2 soon, but there haven’t been any announcements so far. So let’s be patient and enjoy the first Act. ❤


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